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January 5, 2003

Legally Blonde 2

My Legally Blonde 2 story.

I was hanging out at The Actor's Network, as were my good buds Mike and Rahul. Joseph Middleton, a big time Casting Director, called Paulo, the Network Director: "You know any funny young ethnic guys for a one liner on Legally Blonde?"

An hour later we were at the audition.

Here's the scene:

Me: Good Morning Elle!
Elle (to be played by Reese Witherspoon): Isn't it though?
Me: (react to her perkiness)

I would like to thank all my acting teachers ever for helping me get to the point where I could rock that audition and make it my bitch. All the preparation, all the backstory, the sense memory exercises, it all paid off.

ANYWAY, I got on the set, and they showed me to my trailer. I knew I'd be getting one, but that still blows my mind. It was a pretty big trailer too. Then
they say, "What can we get you for breakfast?" I'm still not used to this, but I didn't flinch: "2 Eggs overhard, bacon, english muffin, and an OJ?"

After our lobster / prime rib lunch (!), I finally got to the actual set, and the director came up and introduced himself and introduced me to Reese
Witherspoon, which was totally random. "This is Reese Witherspoon." Uh, duh.

So we start to shoot the scene.

Me: G'morning Elle!
Reese: Hi Elliot, how are ya?
Me (somehow, COMPLETELY caught off guard by her changing the line): Uh... fine!

The director tells me he loves that I was caught off guard, so we keep it. Reese changes the line every time, so each time, I am totally off guard. One time, she said, "Hi Frank, how's your mother" in this intonation that implied my mother was sick. So now, I have to invent backstory in a millisecond! Is mom ill? Injured? Angry with me? I am such a bonehead for not being ready! I think I said something like, "Uhh...she's, better...thanks."

Everyone was supernice, including Reese. I didn't actually have anything to say to her, but we ended up waiting...near each other a lot, and she seemed very cool. She is just as pretty in person. And she is tiny. Not bad for my first feature film job.

postscript (July '03): I got cut from the movie

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