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October 25, 2003

Second Bombay Dreams callback

Previously, on Amir's online journal:
I was prepping for a 2nd callback in NYC, for the role of Vikram the lawyer or perhaps to simply be in the ensemble. I didn't know whether I'd have to pick up the tab for the flight. But I did know it would be sometime between Oct 22-25.

Let's pick up the story on Friday Oct 17. My bud Navid calls: "they're casting a role you're perfect for on The Sopranos. It's in NYC, but I thought of you". Well, I'm gonna be in NY next week, maybe... nah, I'll just leave well enough alone -- my agents and I have enough to think about over the next week. Forget it.

Later on Fri, I have a callback for Dobson's Cellular, and I find out at the end of the day that I'm "on avail" for the ad, which shoots... Oct 22! On Avail basically means I'm one of their top choices, and they're just triple checking my availalibity. BTW, I've never been On Avail and not gotten the job. But I haven't even heard back from Bombay Dreams yet re what day they want me in NYC! For all I know, they changed their minds! So I call my theatrical agent, Sohl, the most kick-ass lady IN THE WORLD, and I tell her, if Bombay calls, please steer 'em away from Wed -- I might have a commercial. "OK, I'll see what I can do."

Monday the 20th, Sohl calls: "Bombay is Friday. So it's all good if you get the commercial. And they're paying for the flight. Can you fly out Thu and back Sat morning?" Sure. It'd mean missing 2 performances of the SMASH HIT musical I'm in, Jesus's Kid Brother, but I've got very capable people to cover me.

My commercial agency calls. No Dobson's. What? But I was ON AVAIL!! ...OK, it happens. I mean, it doesn't really happen **TO ME**, but (sigh) I'm OK.

Then Sohl calls to confirms everything. Good to go. Then that evening, I get a call from Mark, one of the writers of the SMASH HIT musical I'm in, Jesus's Kid Brother.
He: So you're missing Thursday, huh?
Me: yeah, sorry about that.
He: yeah, is there any way around that?
Me: Why?
He: yeah, we have a reviewer coming.
Me: What? I thought all the reviewers had already come! The small time papers came first, and called it rollicking, fun, exciting, excellent. Then Backstage West came, the biggest theater rag on the West Coast, and they called it an "inevitable sleeper hit." And then just this week, the freakin LA Times came, and called it "delirious, an unexpected romp, and an ineluctable cult hit."
He: Yeah, I was wondering, what does ineluctable mean?
Me: inevitable.
He: why didn't they just say inevitable?
Me: I don't know! My point is, who else could be left?
He: Variety.
Me: Variety? The biggest entertainment paper in the world?
He: yeah.

I email Sohl: if there's any way to work it out, please do. She calls at 9AM the next day: we'll try -- it'd mean heavy juggling, and you'd have to pay the change fee. Fine, I say. Then at noon, Mark calls again.
He: Yeah, Variety is now coming Friday.
Me: I'm going to shoot you in the face.
He: Understandable.
Me: Look, if there's any way I can get there, I'll try. I REALLY doubt it, but I'll try.

I call Sohl and tell her call it off, Variety's not coming Thursday. She asks when they are coming. "Never," I lie. You know, I'm done stressing Sohl out. So she says she'll see if she can stop the change, but it might be too late. Couple hours later, she calls, says OK, we're back to how we were. You leave Thursday, you come back Saturday. "Fine," I say. Oh, and one more thing, while you're in NY, I got you an audition for The Sopranos. I spent a lot of time juggling, and I changed your appt time 2x, but I didn't want to stress you out and tell you about it til we were confirmed. (Good thing I didn't tell her about Variety coming on Friday!).

I fly out Thursday and arrive at night. Friday I wake and go to Bombay Dreams. This time it's at the Broadway Theater, where the show will be. It's huge. But, since I did Grease a few years ago in a 2400-seat theater, I'm not overly intimidated.

I find out immediately that I'm no longer in the running for the role of Vikram, which I have to say is really disappointing. After prepping the 3 scenes and getting my hopes up, I didn't even get a chance to read. But, c'est la vie, let's roll. So at this point, I'm only trying out for featured ensemble. That basically means it's the chorus, but with a few lines here and there. Again, nothing wrong with that, but just a touch disappointing when I was expecting more. So, they have me sing my same old song that I always sing, again to an appreciative response. Then they have me do a scene from the play, and I actually read with my buddy Aalok (who I worked with on Leno), who is also reading for ensemble. It goes really well. They even asked if we knew each other, and so we got to tell them the funny Leno story. In and out in about 15 minutes, it went pretty well.

I jog over to the Sopranos audition, which is about 4 blocks away. (BTW, I now know why New Yorkers walk so fast -- bc they're worried their genitals may freeze off.) It went all right. In the scene I'm a drug dealer kicking somebody's ass. And biting his hand. I did as well as I could, but I have to say, I don't think I ever had a chance. I kept yelling "Motherfucker!" and the lady kept going, "bring it down," with that kind of subtle gesture like you're making a scene in a restaurant.

Then I get out. I have one hour and twenty minutes until the last workable flight leaves out of NYC to LA. I decide to go for it. I get a car to take me to the airport. He says it'll take about an hour. Oh geez, step on it. I call America West. There's one seat left and changing your ticket'll cost you. BTW, AT&T Wireless is charging me 60 freakin cents a minute, so for a myriad of reasons, I'm on edge. (SPECIAL NOTE: AT&T SUCKS) I take the ticket. The lady is like, "Are you at the airport now?" ... "Um, I'll be there very shortly." I HOPE! We hit traffic. He takes shortcuts. I call my ex in LA and beg her for a ride. She can't, but she offers to change her plans. I ask her to try and call this other insane girl that we know instead. Suddenly, we're at the airport! It took us 30 minutes! I get my ticket and get on the plane. I call my ex again, and she's worked it out.

I get home. I shower. I go to the show. Mark is there.
Me: Hey! I made it, Mark!
He: You don't have a gun on you do you?
(dramatic pause)
Variety's coming next week.
Me: ...I knew it.

Well, I imagine I'll find out about Bombay in the next week or so. I don't imagine I'll hear from Sopranos. I realize that very little of this journal entry is actually about the auditions, and mostly about the crap it takes to get there and back. I think that says a lot, actually. I think that pretty much encapsulates an actor's life. I guess you have to have fun with (or at least make peace with) that part of the process. Otherwise you're gonna end up driving yourself crazy.

Check the amiracles section on the front page for the latest word on whether I booked anything.


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