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November 3, 2005

Best... Problem... Ever!

Some of you have been asking for another journal update. I imagine many of you had given up on seeing another one. It HAS been a while. But the thing is, I rarely if ever have the time to sit down and concentrate on one thing nowadays, let alone the 2-3 hours it typically takes for a journal entry. And also I always think I don't want to write a journal entry unless I have one great story to tell. But the crazy thing is, I don't have ONE great story. The last few months have been one thing after another of amazing stories. WAY too many to devote an entire entry to each one!So, let me just do a quick run-down of a bunch of cool things, and hopefully that will be fun. I honestly don't know. I'm not gonna go back and re-read this to make sure it flows or makes a lot od sense either. I'm just gonna vomit it onto my keyboard, and hopefully it will make you smile as much as it has me.

From Aug 25 to Nov 8, I will have worked 43 days, on 8 different jobs. THAT'S INSANE. TOTALLY... FUCKING... CRAZY!!!!

Did a Bailey's commercial. Actually, did 4 of them. National and international plus print. Everyone in the commercials except me was black. For once, I was the lightest person around. It was pretty cool. And everyone was super nice. And we just pretty much goofed off the whole time. It was a great 4 days.

Was called in for a Guest Star on Love Inc, based solely on the fact that the Casting Director had seen me on The Comeback. I walked in and she was like "You're Amir! It's so nice to meet you!" CRAZY. I booked it, and I play basically myself, but slightly more afraid of women. And I get the girl. The director and producers are all shocked that this is my first sit-com, and the Executive Producer and I had a huge lovefest on the last day, real almost like cliche hollywood "You're amazing" "No you're amazing"-type stuff. But we both meant it, which was awesome. Then he told me he definitely wants to have me back, which is flattering, but of course I'm not holding my breath. Well wouldn't ya know it, this week they're having me back on, and not only that, they want me to do a RAP. To be safe, we also recorded a version in a studio, in case we decide doing it live isn't gonna work. So I'm in a studio with E-Knock and Glove, who spent 5 years working with Dr Dre. It is really something to be a life-long rap lover, and then be in a studio rapping while 2 or 3 rap producers are there bobbing their head to ME.

Actually, within minutes of finding out I got Love Inc, I found out I got Cold Case. Unfortuntely, they conflicted, and even though Love Inc paid less, I decided to take it bc it was a very different role for me, basically playing myself. Plus I'd never done a sitcom before. But then Cold Case called and said they'd work around Love Inc! WHAT?

Did the Guest Star on Cold Case, which was fun bc I got to play the same guy @ age 22 and 28, initially FOB-y (fresh-off-the-boat) and then more assimilated. That show is SUPER fun. Everyone is incredibly nice and cool to work with, and the writer and script supervisor tell me they are trying to think of ways to bring me back. Again, not holding my breath, but extremely flattering nonetheless. And the dir Jim Whitmore is dope, the kind of guy who instantly earns your trust.

Went back to work on Campus Ladies, the most fun job of all time. We have Guest Stars from Saturday Night Live coming on and telling us how lucky we are. WHAT? Will Forte is on again, and again, he tears it up. Seriously don't remember when is the last time I laughed more. Did an episode where we were stoned, and I actually ate 3 Cinnabons. Did our Spring Break episode, and was surrounded by hot extras in bikinis who are literally paid to flirt with me. There was a jello wrestling contest, a sexy banana eating contest (where our leads misunderstand and think it's a eat-as-many-bananas-as-possible contest), and even a drunken spring break wedding. Ridiculous fun. Oh also my Dad visited the set, which was a treat for him because of the bikinis, and a treat for everyone else bc they get to see the man behind the accent. Finished eps 7-10, and now we wait to see if we're picked up for a 2nd season. In the meantime, season one starts airing in January.

Did a voice over for a war game, and played a couple American soldiers (one sorta normal, one a little California), and also some Iraqis. Then they wanted me to play a 3rd US solider, but since they already had a bunch of regional accents, they asked if I could do a HAWAIIAN accent, which lo and behold, I COULD! Thanks, cousin Hadj!

Got flown to San Francisco to shoot a small scene opposite Will Smith in his new movie. The moment I get on set, the director starts adding more lines for me. And it's great that he's Italian and doesn't speak perfect English, bc when he wants to add lines, he asks ME what's the best way for me to say it. Will Smith is SUPER nice, as expected, and he's very nice also to my Mom, who is visiting a set for the first time. I play a guy at a hardware store and bc I'm behind a counter, they put me on a platform so i'd be as tall as Will. YES!

Just booked a national commercial for Alltel Wireless. I know part of the reason I got it was that I improvised the word "douche" in my audition.

Had an awesome Halloween, actually went all out this year and went with (name withheld) as Sonny and Cher. Maybe I'll post a pic if I'm feelin froggy. In fact, I should post a bunch of pix. But yeah, that'll probly never happen.

One of the really crazy things the last few months is that I get recognized for The Comeback all the time. Almost every casting director I meet has seen it, and almost every time I'm in an audition waiting room, one or more of the actors waiting with me recognizes me. What's really nuts is when people I'VE been watching on TV recognize me and give me props. I mean MAJOR working actors! The two main leads from Love Inc, in fact, did my Comeback dance at me, which was just an ENORMOUS thrill.

Well, that's all I can think of right now. It's just crazy. I literally can not get a day off. It's unbelievable. Anyway, I really appreciate all your emails and stuff, thanks for everything. Life is SO GREAT!! and of course... CRAZY!!!

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