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June 9, 2003


Garsh, it's been a busy month. I directed and appeared in an epic Crime Scene musical, which totally kicked my ass. By the end, my body was like, "You crazy, man? Well, just for putting me through this, I'm gonna make you think you have SARS!" So I'm sick as a dog. Though I know it's not really SARS, 'cause I have lots of phlegm. Hooray! Also this month, I moved into my new home in Silver Lake, which I'll be sharing with my brother. (My neighbors are a delightful couple named Hank and Tom -- "It's easy to remember -- Tom Hanks!" Love them.) Also a couple weeks ago, I shot a movie with Courteney Cox. My scenes were shot over 3 nites, from 7PM - 6AM. I've never done that before. That's part of the reason my body's so mad at me. but it was cool. Courteney's prettier in person and super nice and down to earth. I've seen snippets of the movie, it looks great.

But what I'd like to write about this month isn't so much acting-related. Besides which, my friend Tracy Peyton says i talk industry too much. Well, try this on for size, sucka!

I'm really starting to learn about what's important to me. And at the same time, I'm learning what's NOT. And as my good friend Sarah has told me (or maybe I told her), it's important to shed. Shed everything in your life that's not working for you or making you happy. Possessions, activities, PEOPLE.

Possessions. I just moved, and I realized I have so much stuff that I'm holding onto, for no real reason. Just because. Some stuff I threw/gave away, and other stuff, I packed up and moved to my new place. still... holding... on! But I'm thinking, if I don't feel the need to unpack them in the next 2 months, I'll just put the boxes out on the curb. when you walk into someone's house, and you get the sense that they're a koo-koo pack-rat, you do think they're a little crazier than you previously thought. And there' no way I'm turning into "Crazy Old Man Talai".

Activities. There are ways that you spend your time, or at least for me, which you've started to do as a matter of course. It's gotten to the point where I no longer know what it is about these activities that stimulates me or advances my life in any way. And sometimes, when I think about it, I realize it's nothing! I'm just doing it to fill time. To feel like I'm doing something. But why don't I put my time into something new that I've always wanted to try? Or something I already do a little of, but want to do more of?

PEOPLE. You guys, life is too short to spend time with people who aren't just plain awesome. There are some AWESOME, positive, fun, inspiring people in this world. If you don't know enough of them, go out and meet them. If you want some suggestions, ask me -- I've made some new friends who totally rock my world. A friend of mine was telling me she's had this friend for a long time, and she's really started to not like him, because he's just mean and negative to her. And she can't really figure out why. But she keeps trying to make nice, because they've been 'friends' for so long. You know what? You're not friends anymore. Friendship does not mean convincing someone to be nice to you! And life is too short to spend time with those people. Find people who are drawn to you and who you're drawn to. People who make you excited. Spend time with them.

I mean, maybe I'm getting my Animal Planet / PBS stuff out of whack here, but the reason animals shed is to GROW, right? So I'm trying to do the same. And I already feel like I'm growing.

Guys, sorry if this was a little touchy-feely-Oprah, but one of my friends was in an accident and could've been killed. They're totally OK, but some things really make you think, you know?

Take care! and drop me line -- tell me about something you're shedding.


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