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October 7, 2003

Bombay Dreams callback

It was a whirlwind 10 days. I shot 10-8 and Jihad, I opened JKB, and I went to NYC for my Bombay Dreams callback.

So here's how it went in NYC.

I audition at this crazy place called Chelsea studios, where a million other musical theater hags are auditioning for other shows. I've never felt so straight in my life. So this pretty Indian girl goes in before me, and when she comes out, I double check on an Indian pronunciation with her, and she mentions, "be ready, there's like 7 people in there" watching you audition. Wow, that's a lot, but OK.

So I'm super-prepared. I've read the whole script and have my own songs ready. I look sharp in my black Banana Republic button-up, Gap jeans, and black Jcrew shoes, and I even borrowed a black briefcasey thing from my friend to hold my music and look mofessional.

I walk in. You're not supposed to shake their hand unless they offer, bc sometimes they're germ-phobic of skanky actors or just don't like their space invaded. But the Brit front and center goes, "Hello I'm Steven" with an out-stretched hand, so OK. BTW, there's at least TWELVE people in there. Two rows of chairs. Wow. Then the Casting Director starts to introduce them all to me. "This is Bob, and Mary, and Jerome, he's the..." I interrupt: "Aw shucks, I'll get the names on the first day of rehearsal." a-hahaha, chuckle chuckle goes the peanut gallery. Charming.

So we start with my big scene, and it goes very well. Really solid, I feel. Then, as usual I expect him to say, try it again, but this time more this or more that. Instead, he says, "Why don't you have a seat, let's have a chat." okaaay, cool. "What do you think of the character?" He's trying to figure out what kind of an actor I am, learn more about my personality, see if I've done my homework. I tell him I really like the character, and blah blah this and that, and I'm not sure if his revelation at the end is a product of A or B. I think they're both interesting choices worth exploring, but I'm not sure yet which one is right. See, that tells him I'm thorough and thoughtful, but diplomatic. hehe. Then he's like, well, thank you very much. And I go, "You don't want to hear my song?" "Oh, did you prepare a song?" "Yeah, I have something appropriate to the show and the character, then I have something musical theatery, funny and sweet, and then I have a Jesus Christ Superstar blow-the-roof-off song." "Splendid. Why don't you do funny and sweet." Appreciative nods and chuckles from the peanut gallery. Hehe, funny and sweet.

I do the song, and get solid laughs throughout, and applause at the end. Don't know if you realize, but that is rare.

They're like "Thanks so much for coming, thanks for flying in," etc. Enthusiastic handshakes! They take a polaroid, and I wanna say, hey, if you wanna see me again, it'll have to be tomorrow, 'cause I'm leaving Wednesday. But I rethink it, and instead say, "I leave Wednesday morning, so let me know if there's anything else I can do for you." Smooth.

I don't hear anything, but the fact that they didn't call me to come to the chorus audition the next day, plus the fact that they discussed the character with me (not typical) is a good sign.

Found out later in the week they want me to come back in a few weeks, but this time, "Be a little more arrogant. Raise the stakes." WHAT? No offense, but I could've done that in the room. Not exactly something I need THREE WEEKS to prep for. Ah well, that's how it goes. Right now, they say they're thinking I'm more right for the ensemble, but they aren't counting me out for Vikram the lawyer. We'll keep our fingers crossed. Keep watching this space for updates.

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