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December 29, 2005

OK, it's setting in

Whoa boy. Campus Ladies is premiering in about a week (Sunday Jan 8 @ 10pm), and now it's starting to get really real. We're apparently on the back cover of TV Guide, and AOL has us listed as one of its "Hot Shows" alongside Desperate Housewives, Lost, and American Idol. I don't really get that, but then again I'm not a very smart guy.

Get this: people are even going to AOL TV right now, watching our first episode, and taking a survey on it. Some might even be voting for me as their favorite character. You can even do that too! What the heck is this?

Somehow, this is totally surreal, and at the same time I'm almost taking it in stride. But then the fact that i'm taking it in stride weirds me out, and we have this crazy cycle!

I'm really super-excited about this new phase in my career. I'm really proud of the show, and I hope people like it half as much as I do.

FYI, I've seen the first few episodes, and just so you know, my part in the 2nd episode isn't very big, but all the others I have some relaly fun stuff in.

Anyway, please check us out, and PLEASE tell your friends -- we not only appreciate the word-of-mouth, we're depending on it.

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