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May 6, 2007

In Flux

 You may be wondering why I haven’t written anything in a while. Truth is, I’ve been writing a lot lately. Until about a week ago, I was a member of the Groundlings Sunday Company. It was one of the most fun and fulfilling experiences of my life. Every week I had to write about 4 new sketches (usually co-writing with other people in the Company). We would show the sketches to each other on Wednesday and our director would choose which sketches went in the show each Sunday, often with a bunch of notes that had to be incorporated by show time. It was incredibly challenging, bc creating my own material was largely new for me (although since Campus Ladies was improv you could say I was creating for myself on that). I met and worked with some incredibly funny and cool people, and I expect many of those friendships to last a long time. But basically, since I was writing sketches every week, the last thing I wanted to do was come here and write some more. But as I said, I'm not in the Company any more- Every 6 months, the Groundlings vote on who gets to stay in the Sunday Company and who doesn't, and unfortunately, I didn't make the cut. Lots of people asked me why, because most of the stuff I put on stage there was funny. But that's not really at issue. It's hard to explain (partly bc there's no way to know what goes on in each Groundling's decision-making process), but basically, it comes down I think to who they believe is the best fit for the Groundlings, and who they feel could benefit from their time in the Sunday Company. To put it simply, as funny as my material might have been, I'm not what the Groundlings are looking for. Of course I'm extremely disappointed, but life definitely goes on. I will always cherish my experience there, but I'm very fortunate to have other things going on in my career, as well as a team that very much believes in me. Most of all though, I will miss working with such an incredible group of people week in and week out, all blissfully ignorant of how much they mean to me.

Know what else I'll miss? Campus Ladies. In case you didn't hear, Campus Ladies was cancelled last month by the Oxygen Network, essentially because our ratings weren't as good as they were for our first season. It's actually a miracle we made it as far as we did, what with Oxygen changing our time period during the first season, taking us off for a month and then bringing us back, and then putting our second season on at 11pm on Tuesday nights. We had a surprising number of fans given that Oxygen almost willfully sabotaged the show. But that too is in the past, and we will move on from that as well. Here too, I have made some friendships and connections that will last for a long time. And for fans of the show, you might be happy to know that Derek (Mr Drew) and I are actually very good friends in real life as well, and the cancellation of the show hasn't changed that. And BTW, Campus Ladies is definitely coming out on DVD, but I don't know when. I'll definitely LYK.

And how bout The Winner, the Rob Corddry sitcom on Fox? Well, we'll see. The network still hasn't made a decision, but the fact that they haven't contacted me about a contract makes me worry that even if it is coming back, I may not be part of the picture. But I'll keep my fingers crossed and LYK about that as well.

What else? I was hoping to do a musical this summer, but contract negotiations appear to have derailed that as well. So I guess for the first time in a long time, I'm left unemployed, and with no work to look forward to. Well, except that I'm about to shoot some more Campbell's Soup spots. So that's awesome. But yeah, take a look at my Events page, it's more empty there than it's been in years, really.

But honestly, don't feel obligated to write me and say "hang in there, you'll bounce back", because I'm not all that worried. Frankly, I'm sort of enjoying the breathing room. In fact, I really should get back to the gym- I have noticeably gained weight in my gut and my ass, to the point where my farts now have a different sound, like more of a fat-person fart sound. But anyway, I feel like I'm getting off topic a little. Just thought I'd let ya know that even the charmed life of Amir Talai has an occasional slump.


...Oh fuck. I just referred to myself in the 3rd person, didn't I. God, I wish I could take that back.


May 8 update - looks like I will be doing that musical after all- CanCan at Pasadena Playhouse. More info later! :)

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